Yes, you can "hire" Stephen to Speak

 Besides Christian “Sermons”, I can and do “speak” on a variety of subjects. 

Although all my speeches have a foundation in scripture and the precepts, principles and values of the Christian Gospel and a Judeo-Christian world-view , not all my speeches need be sermons.  If you’re seeking a entertaining and informative speaker for your group or club, I would be delighted to meet that need, and would do so, at this point in my “new” life and “new” retirement, for expenses (travel, lodging, and meals).

I’m a veteran of 22 years Active duty (AD) with the U.S. Army, and another 17 as a civilian Employee of the Defense Department, a childhood abuse survivor, “recovered” alcoholic with more the 26 years “clean and sober”, “resurrected” open-heart surgery patient, sometimes-perplexed and now-and-forevermore loving Husband and father, proud to have:

  • Served the first half of my AD time in the 1st and 8th Infantry Divisions (with a brief ‘interruption” for a year’s stint in Turkey) “in the company of heroes”, and in the company of knaves, draftees and volunteers, and “grunts”, and learning an awful lot of basic life-lessons from them and our “adventures” together.
  • Been the “Top” NCO for a couple of American Forces Radio and TV Networks (AFRTS), and Commandant (a NCO with authority under the Uniform Code of Military Justice [UCMJ] normally reserved and assigned to commissioned Officers) of the (then) most forward-deployed Broadcast outlets in the system (on the DMZ in Korea).
  • Served as a Public Affairs Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) at the U.S. Army’s Science Center & Signal School (Ft. Gordon, Georgia) and the U.S. Military’s Armor Center and School (Ft. Knox, Kentucky).
  • Served as the Media Relations Officer (spokesman) and Public Affairs Programs, Plans and Policies Specialist (Doctrine, Strategies and Operations [Tactics] officer) the U.S. Southern Command, the U.S. Military’s Joint (Multi-Service and Inter-agency) Command with responsibility for U.S. Military Operations in Central and South America and the Caribbean, including:
  • Support of U.S. Counter-drug and Counter-Illicit Trafficking Operations
  • Humanitarian assistance and Community-building activities
  • “Terrorist” Detainee Operations at the JTF-Guantanamo, Guantanamo Bay Naval Station.

Addtionally, I survived a very low-survival-rate medical event (a transected ascending aortic aneurysm) by the Grace of God, who provided some exceptional Medical professionals (and some not-so-good ones, too) as His “tools” for what amounted to a “resurrection”.  

Because of my background and experiences I am able to address a group on:

  • “Leadership” as viewed from “in the trenches”.
  • Public Speaking – how to; how not to; and why to.
  • Vice and recovery from vices and addictions.
  • Public Affairs and Strategic communications in an age of “Hype”, “spin” and "messaging" overload.
  • Communication essentials, Media basics, and “best practices” in media relations and media operations.
  • Scriptural basics for living, and dying.
  • Defending the Christian faith.
  • “Near-death” (actually “death”) experiences and what they “mean”.

I can also “tailor” a presentation for your group or audience, working with event planners or your organization’s leaders to provide just what may needed for a refreshingly entertaining and informative event.

Contact me thru the “comments section on this ‘site.